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Dr. Wood has been passionate about helping families find healthy ways to live and make small changes for their families.  However, sometimes lack of time and financial stress within families, especially for busy working moms can make finding time for healthy living a challenge.

Dr. Wood has found that by partnering with USANA Health Sciences, which offers the highest quality supplements manufactured according to pharmaceutical level good manufacturing practices for children, teens and adults, families can take some first steps to getting healthier.  In addition, USANA’s Reset program which many busy moms have found helpful to jump start healthy eating and curb carb cravings from processed choices.  The Sensé skin care line offers moms and teens a healthy skin care program without paraben preservatives.  Moms who are nursing can rest assured they are not being exposed to more toxins to the toxic soup we raise our children in today and teens are getting started cleansing their skin with a toxin-free program.

Although network marketing may seem like an unusual way to promote health, there are some well-known health professionals and professional and Olympic athletes who use the USANA products and embrace the network marketing model.  See the USANA athlete page to learn what teams are using USANA!

And finally, by partnering with successful Million Dollar mom, Patti Roney at, Dr. Wood is working with team of business-minded moms who are looking to move their lives further ahead in health and wealth.  Dr. Wood  and  Patti Roney make a powerful training team in the health and wealth model for families.

Here are some qualities we are looking for:
  1. You want your own home-based business with a network marketing company that has integrity
  2. You are interested in the health and wellness field as a business model
  3. You want to be of service and have an opportunity to educate others AND have an opportunity to create financial benefits
  4. You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  5. You are not afraid to share things you believe in with others and would be willing to share with other like-minded people
  6. You enjoy connecting with people
  7. You are self-motivated
  8. You are teachable and would like to learn how to teach others
  9. You are willing to cultivate your leadership potential
  10. You enjoy personal growth and are positive and open-minded

If you answered YES to more than 6 of these qualities, then this may be for you.

This may NOT be for you if you are in a financial crisis, if are not open to learning about network marketing, if you are not a “people person” and if you not willing to invest a minimum of 2-5 hours per week in this opportunity.

Something to ask yourself right now is:
  • “If I keep doing the same thing I am doing now, where will I be in 5 years financially?”
  • “If I invest some time and money into something I believe in that could help my family’s health and help others health AND change my financial outcome in 5 years, would I be willing to at least listen to more information about this?”

If you see yourself open to listening to more information, please fill out the form below.  If you have been contacted by another USANA distributor who is not part of Team Wood, please contact them instead of filling out this form.  Dr. Wood is an Independent Distributor for USANA Health Sciences.

Are We a Fit?

If you have 6 or more of the 10 qualities we are looking for above and are serious about looking into starting your own business, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out this form and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.
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