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Dr. Christine Wood’s background in nutrition for families and her research in childhood obesity, has inspired her passion to share information with families in many different ways. Take this tour to find out various ways to learn and partner with Dr. Wood and about her projects and other sites.

Meet Dr. Wood and you can request her Speaking Services or submit a Media Request.  You can also buy her book, How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It! or her upcoming e-books at her Store.  Find out more about her upcoming Events.  After researching the area of nutritional supplementation, she has found that USANA Health Sciences provides her family, friends and patients the best quality nutritional supplements and you can read about My Favorite Supplements and Order them directly from the company (click Shop Online for retail prices or click Online Enrollment and choose Preferred Customer to receive a discount) or find out more information about joining Dr. Wood’s Team if you are interested in a home-based business in the health and wellness industry.

Her other website, at KidsEatGreat is packed with information parents can use to feed their kids healthy.  If you want to visit Dr. Wood in her office with an in-person consultation, you can visit her office website at Coast Pediatrics Carmel Valley. You can also find out about Online or Phone Consultations for a fee by filling out the form under Personal Nutrition Coaching.

And of course, there is social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.