Speaking Services & Media

Dr. Wood is available for speaking engagements and for media opportunities.  Please fill out the form at the bottom for speaking and media requests.

Speaking Services:
  • Speaking at medical conferences for health professionals
  • Speaking to parent groups, children or teens
  • Train the trainer type workshops (e.g., health professionals, child caretakers, teachers, dietitians, lactation consultants, nurses)
  • Keynotes, seminars, or spousal programs for corporations, health and wellness fairs, or other conferences (eg, school or early childhood conferences)

A vibrant, internationally-known speaker, Dr. Wood delights audiences with her magnetism, humor, and charm. She motivates audiences to take control of their health. Attendees will learn more about taking care of their own health and how critical this is for our children.  She is equally comfortable speaking to medical audiences, emphasizing the importance of preventive nutrition, quoting articles from journals or to parents about her personal insights on lifestyles and stress.  She will motivate parents to look at health for  themselves, their children and within their communities.

Her message has reached audiences in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and across the United States and in her own backyard of Southern California. Her talks can be customized to your audience, but they will be sure to leave with knowledge and hope about healthy futures for our next generation.


For all audiences:

  • How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It!
  • Our Toxic Culture: Food, Media & Weight
  • Overcoming Obstacles in the School Food Zone
  • Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment
  • Picky Eaters, Overeaters and Everything in Between
  • Launching Pad for Healthy Kids: Starting Out Right
  • Food Marketing: The Impact on Children
  • Media Matters
  • Mindful Parenting Around the Dinner Table

For medical and health professionals:

  • Health Professionals as Childhood Obesity Advocates: In the Schools and Community
  • Childhood Obesity: The Role of the Health Professional
  • Motivational Interviewing in Childhood Obesity
  • Prenatal Nutrition: Where it All Begins
  • Pediatric Obesity: From the Womb to Your Clinic
  • Pediatric Obesity: Inside and Outside Your Office
  • Pediatric Nutritional Medicine
  • Environmental Toxins: Additives that Aren’t on the Labels
  • The Omega-3 Fats: Infant Brain Development and Beyond
  • Mixing Oils and Toxins: Impact on Infant Brain Development
  • Nutritional Medicine: Going Mainstream into Healthcare
  • Do No Harm: The Fight against Environmental Risks in Childhood
  • Recognizing and Assessing Eating Disorders

Clients (only a partial list):

  • Utah Dietetic Association
  • Southern Nevada Dietetic Association
  • Childhood Obesity Conference UC Berkeley Center for Weight and Health
  • San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative
  • American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Be Our Voice trainings
  • AAP Uniformed Pediatric Seminar
  • AAP, Hawaii Chapter
  • WIC: National WIC Association and Oklahoma WIC Association
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds: University of Nevada Medical School Las Vegas; Tucson Medical Center; Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles; Scripps La Jolla
  • Children’s Hospital Central California, Fresno, CA
  • California Medical Association: various trainings and conferences
  • Infant Development Association
  • Southern California Neonatal Nurses
  • Michigan Head Start
  • California School Nurses Association
  • School Food Summit
  • USANA Health Sciences
  • AND to 100+ parent groups and students (elementary and teens) at schools, preschools, and churches

Dr. Wood is available for:

  • Radio interviews
  • Television interviews
  • Newspaper/magazine interviews
  • Writing assignments for publications, websites, blogs

Partial Client List:

  • Print: Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, Parents, Parenting, Family Life,  Baby Talk, San Diego Union Tribune, Delicious Living, Parade, Washington Times, Family Life, Fit Pregnancy, WebMD
  • TV: Real Savvy Moms (PBS), Lifestyle San Diego, satellite media tours, multiple news segments in San Diego (KPBS, KUSI, FOX News) and also on TV News Singapore
  • Radio: 50+ radio shows across the US and Canada

Request Dr. Wood

If you have a speaking or media request, please fill out the form below. Media requests can also leave a 24 hour voicemail message at 877-887-7596.